Smithsonian Museum, Ocean Hall: "Deep Ocean Explorer"


An 10-part series of short films commissioned for the Smithsonian Museum’s Ocean’s Hall explored the hunting techniques of orcas; new DNA techniques to battle illegal shark finning; remote barrier islands in Belize; eavesdropped on whales in the Pacific; and included a 10-min piece on the lives of deep ocean aquanauts that premiered on the exhibit’s theater-sized screen. Per a review in Science Magazine, "by far the highlight of the entire hall."

Here’s a larger excerpt from that review in Science Magazine, Nov 14th, 2008:

"By far the highlight of the entire hall is the Ocean Explorer Theater. Here, in a video with vivid cinematography, a diverse cast of scientists describes with sincere awe their experience of discovery as they descend to the sea floor in a deep-sea submersible. The video moved me on an emotional level, reaffirming both why I love being a marine scientist and the powerful draw of the deep blue as our last natural frontier. I have no doubt that the theater and other effective parts of the exhibit will help inspire the next generation of marine researchers."