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Microsoft Launch Campaign
The spots were the centerpiece of Microsoft’s launch of and included online, broadcast, cinema, taxi, and international versions. Production involved crashing stunt trucks, building and flying hovercrafts, and creating a custom LED-wedding dress, among other great challenges.


Google Creative Lab

Racer Launch Video
Launch video for Google’s release of the innovative and award-winning Racer game, which allows users to play a single game across multiple devices, which sync in real time.

Racer Documentary
Online documentary filmed in four countries featuring the animators, sound technicians, programmers, and legendary composer Giorgio Moroder, all of whom imagined and then created Racer for Google in just under eight weeks.

Google Helpouts Project
Launch video for Google’s newest product, Google Helpouts. Shot with real people all across New York City, this video showcases how this new online, global marketplace can connect businesses and consumers directly, whether for a yoga class, help with your kid's math problem, or many other everyday needs.


Smirnoff “Nightlife Exchange Project” (NEP)
The NEP involved countries “exchanging” nightlife at events across the globe. Produced multiple online videos, social media content, and video installations that premiered at NEP events in 10 countries in 10 languages. Collaborated on coordinating events and PR across all 10 locations and served as senior producer for a shoot in San Paolo, Brazil, for a Portuguese-language promotional commercial.


HSBC “The World’s Local Bank”

A collaborative HSBC-National Geographic campaign designed to capture iconic cultural images from Central and South America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. The campaign appeared in more than twenty countries and covered everything from tango dancers in Argentina, to bedouins in Jordan, to glassmakers in Prague.

HSBC campaign   HSBC campaign


Microsoft Bing
Part of the "Bing is Beautiful" series, shot at an iconic football stadium in the US, highlighting all the ways a Bing user could enrich their experience using Microsoft's search engine.

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